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Chatty REBOLs All Around Nov 8 2010, 17:54
[Ports] [REBOL 3 RebDev chat on Syllable Desktop 0.6.6]

The latest version of the REBOL 3 open host kit, alpha 110, enables Syllable Desktop for the first time to run the REBOL 3 client/server RebDev collaboration application for chat and development files sharing. It already worked in the Linux version for Syllable Server. The client is not an application that was ported and needs to be installed, but is a small REBOL script that is downloaded in its newest version every time the program is started - much like a web page. It runs unmodified, currently on Syllable Desktop, Syllable Server, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Amiga OS (PPC), OS X (Intel & PPC) and Windows.

The source code of the REBOL 3 open host environment is now hosted in a public Git version management repository. To compile REBOL 3 on Syllable Desktop, you need to have the following software packs installed:

    - Development files pack for your exact Syllable version
    - Developer's Delight
    - Network Necessities

To compile REBOL 3 and start the RebDev application, enter the following commands:

    build update
    build log
    build get REBOL-Core--current
    build patch REBOL-Core--current
    build REBOL-Core--current
    build install REBOL-Core--current

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