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[Applications] [Red/System binding with the cURL networking library on Syllable Desktop 0.6.7]

Red/System 0.2.5 has been released. It now has proper support for initialisation of the standard C library, for Red/System programs or other libraries that use it. This has been developed in collaboration between the Red and Syllable projects. Other platforms got by without it so far, but on Syllable Desktop, Red/System programs that use the C library required a workaround until now. The screenshot shows Red/System reading a web page, through the cURL networking library (demo source).

[Red/System bindings with the C library and SQLite on Syllable Desktop 0.6.7] Red celebrated its first birthday at the third Red Developers Conference. Bindings that were developed over the past year can now be used unmodified on Syllable Desktop. Videos were made introducing Red/System and the bindings. This screenshot shows the C library (Fibonacci source, see the .reds file) and SQLite (demo source) bindings. The Mandelbrot demo (source) relies on the new floating point support that was released earlier. The SQLite database binding requires the new Syllable Desktop test release, which fixes support for recent SQLite versions and includes the latest one.

[SDL paint program written in Red/System on Syllable Desktop 0.6.7] The other bindings also work on older versions of Syllable. They were written by us and contributed to the Red project. The goal is to make sure that native and cross-platform Red programs will be able to run on Syllable Desktop. The bindings work on Syllable Desktop, Syllable Server, and other platforms. Red/System is currently implemented in REBOL 2. Therefore, the Red/System compiler doesn't run on Syllable Desktop yet, but Syllable programs can be cross-compiled from other systems. We developed the bindings on Syllable Server. Here is an example of a simple paint program running on the SDL multimedia library (demos source).

[SDL audio playing written in Red/System on Syllable Desktop 0.6.7] Finally, for now, here is an example of playing audio through SDL.

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